We need to poop more

In my 6 years of blogging before I started fresh on deliniation, the post with the most traffic and the most comments was this one (from September 3, 2006). So, here it is again. Enjoy! ********* I was sitting in the living room watching a Dr. Oz segment on Oprah. As they went into commercial break, I […]

Detox Chronicles: Lessons Learned

I think this is week 5 of my detox. No sugar. No yeast. No dairy. I’ve lost about 10 lbs. and haven’t had any recurring symptoms. My nutritionist added a no-yeast bread that I can now eat, but I haven’t gotten around to making it. Ben made me some pizza last week that was incredible. […]

Detox Chronicles – Week 3

I don’t feel like doing a video about last week. More of the same… continued being good at eliminating, not so good at replacing, or water or exercise.  But I’m hanging in there! I had to reschedule my appointment because we had one car and 1000 errands to run in 100 difference directions on Thursday. […]

Detox Chronicles – Week 1

I’ve had some health issues for about 6 weeks and decided to go to a nutritionist for a healthy solution and for accountability. Here’s the summary of my first week on the Candida Diet. The nutritionist I refer to in the video is Rhonda McKinney of Healthy Solutions. Have you ever made drastic, lasting changes […]