I don’t feel like doing a video about last week.

More of the same… continued being good at eliminating, not so good at replacing, or water or exercise.  But I’m hanging in there!

I had to reschedule my appointment because we had one car and 1000 errands to run in 100 difference directions on Thursday. So, I go on Tuesday.

I did have to write my nutritionist to ask her a very important question. Here is our email exchange:

me: we have 4 family birthday celebrations happening in the next week!!!! And I need permission to eat cake. I will be extra good with EVERYTHING ELSE…promise. A girl just needs the nod to have cake….for each birthday party. ;)

her:Bday cake……here is an example of a patient who had yeast. We had gotten her down to a 2 on a scale of 1-5. She was a 2 and then she went on vacation. She ate perfectly but had 2 fruity-sugary drinks. She came home and we did a stool test on her and she went back to a 4. So I will let you decide on the cake. 🙂 I know…I am no fun. 🙁

me: Here’s what I hear you saying: Small piece of cake, no icing. ;)

her: 3 small bites guilt free. 🙂

So, 2 more birthday celebrations to go and I’m still resisting cake (I tasted 3 or 4 crumbs…not even considered bites). I think I’m deathly afraid that these 3 weeks could be for nothing if I indulge. So not worth it.