Delina Delaine is my original name. Before I got married and made my maiden name my middle name and my husband’s last name my last name…before all that, I was named Delina Delaine. People made fun of it because they said I had the same name for my first an middle name. Whatever. I like it.

But enough about me…. oh wait, this is the the About delina delaine page… I have to write more about me! Here goes:

I love to learn. I love to read. I love to write. I love photography. I love the real and hate the fake, especially really good counterfeits of the fake. This goes for everything, reality, food, relationships and religion. I’m in my 30s 40s. I’m a wife, mother, Christ-follower. I am devoted to my family and want nothing more than for my children to fall in love with Jesus and follow Him wholly. By any means necessary.

Even though I was a journalist with published articles in my past life, I am now again feeling like a novice in finding my writing voice. I feel like a new creation with new life and purpose. And it’s because it’s true (you can read my testimony here).

I’ve self-published a book (Little Baby, Little Baby) for pregnant women to read to the baby in the belly. And I’ve He is Faithful: An inductive study of the Covenants. And today I can say that I once again have writing aspirations and publishing goals. With some articles in the works, an stab at allegorical fiction, documentary scripts and book proposals in mind, I’m ready to start calling myself a writer again and producing what’s been percolating in my brain. Deliniation is my canvas, my notebook, my homework. It’s where I commit random acts of journalism.

I am opinionated, but most of all, I’m passionate about figuring out creative ways for people to *get it*. It’s why I write. It’s why I delineate.

If I could have clones of myself, I would have a Delina to clean, one to cook, one to be a professional graphic designer, one to learn filmmaking and one to sleep and lounge and daydream exclusively. For now, I just try to keep it together at home and in my brain and have as much laughter and make as many memories as I can along the way.

I am delina delaine. Talk back.


Write me and I promise to write you back.

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