My Medical Emergency

I had a well-planned week. I wasn’t expecting to end up in the hospital. Here’s what happened and how I’m doing. Long story short, I am 45 and just had a mini stroke (TIA). I don’t know what’s next but I’m thankful for my people caring for me and for feeling “normal” at home. I’m […]


Oh Freedom!

So, I did a thing. In 2017, I purchased a curriculum that included the second half of an intro to American History starting with slavery. We had already completed the first half of U.S. History through the same curriculum company the previous year.  That year, I pushed through and found myself having to supplement with […]


Thursday’s Thoughts and Things

THOUGTHS I’m done with conferences, conversations, feeds, books, magazines and podcasts where I feel like I’m eavesdropping. If you’re not talking to me, I’m out. Where are the Christian spaces where there is an awareness, lament, acknowledgment of the world burning around us, coupled with confession for our complicity in it? People who do videos […]


Stuff I love

I am constantly recommending products that I’ve discovered (or have been recommended to me) to other people. I figured it would be easier to just point friends and family to this page and earn a tiny commission on the side. ‘Cause why not? I’ll also do a page with books, homeschool resources and a what-not-to-buy […]


Giving Sabbath a Rest

For years, getting an article published in Christianity Today has been on my goals list. Through a series of only-God moments, my article was published in October. I invite you to read the whole article. Can you relate? I grew up in a Sabbatarian religion where we practiced Sabbath observance as a matter of law. […]

Remembering the Ring, Part 4

…Continued. Start reading the story here. A year later, Sabina still hadn’t made her decision, but in the year since her grandmother’s death, she met a young man, Paul, for whom she was smitten. She shared her past with him and of course, told him all about the ring and what it meant to her. “You […]