I think this is week 5 of my detox. No sugar. No yeast. No dairy. I’ve lost about 10 lbs. and haven’t had any recurring symptoms.

My nutritionist added a no-yeast bread that I can now eat, but I haven’t gotten around to making it. Ben made me some pizza last week that was incredible. I can also have eggs now and that helps increase my daily protein intake.

Here’s what I’ve discovered:

Meat tastes good

Meat is tasting better and better to me. It still grosses me out (in my head), but once I eat it, I feel like “Wow! Yum!” It’s filling and satisfying. Ground turkey is my meat of choice. My taste buds are definitely changing.

Carbs are my carrier

Actually, I use carbs to plate my food…a lot. I can’t just have eggs, I must put them on a tortilla or arepa or rice. I seem to  need the protein I need to be wrapped up in something. Since I can’t have bread to make a sandwich, that *something* is usually a corn or sprouted tortilla (no yeast) but it is also a carb. My carb intake is supposed to be limited, and I’m certain that I’m pushing the limits.

Planning is everything

When I shop with a plan and think ahead on what I am going to eat the next day, things go smoothly. Because of the way I’m eating, I’m hungry more frequently, which means I feel like I’m on an endless hunt for something food, or at least a something to munch on. There are several points in a day when I contemplate cheating, “just this once.” But I know it’s not worth it.

I’m choosing not to eat at all rather than eat something I shouldn’t. Which is problematic because Rhonda explained that the lack of food is creating some kind of sugar in my body that is continuing to feed the yeast. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. I need to plan better. Bottom line.

Sugar has been my fuel

I realized a couple of weeks ago that whenever I am feeling hungry or lethargic or I’m in a hurry and just need something quick to keep me going, I look for sugar. Bread with Jelly. Cereal. Chocolate. Cookies. Cake! I can’t do that anymore and I feel it! Rhonda tells me to let protein be my fuel. Somehow, this is not as easy to grab and go. That cake that I got to taste during that crazy family birthday week didn’t even thrill me. My taste buds are changing.

I think this detox is working. Not only is it changing my body, but it’s changing my mind about a lot of things.

What lessons do you remember learning when you had to make big changes in your life?