In my 6 years of blogging before I started fresh on deliniation, the post with the most traffic and the most comments was this one (from September 3, 2006). So, here it is again. Enjoy!


I was sitting in the living room watching a Dr. Oz segment on Oprah. As they went into commercial break, I turned around and declared to my husband, “We need to poop more.” The minute I said it, I noticed someone passing in front our our window and yes, the window was open. We just had to laugh. But seriously, I hope the guy got the message because it’s true, we do need to poop more.

Whenever I tell people about the cleanse I did a couple of months ago, they confess to me that they only poop a few times a week, certainly not every day. You may read some stuff that says that there is a range in how often you should have a BM. But the fact is, if you’re eating more often than you’re pooping, you’re constipated. End of story.

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“If you’re eating two to three meals daily but only going to the bathroom once, over time you will accumulate 6-9 “rotting” meals in your system at one time…. Without 2-3 movements per day, stagnant toxins in waste material will reabsorb into your body, attacking your immune system and rendering you more vulnerable to disease.” 1

Pooping and pooping often is essential. But aside from all of the health benefits, spending time on the toilet is liberating. I really believe that God purposely made it so that we’d have to sit down to poop. For many people, that’s the only time they have a moment of peace in the day. It’s a time to collect your thoughts, read, remove yourself from life and just cleanse. If you’re like me, trying to rush through a BM never works. You really just have to relax and let it happen. In our hurried lives, pooping is such a gift.

Ready to embrace this gift? Minimize these things in your diet ’cause they’re keeping you constipated: refined flours, high sugar foods and fatty meats. To poop more, eat fruits and vegetables, whole grains and drink lots of water. Simple, right? Oh and just forget about those fiber supplements you see in commercials. And don’t even thing about laxatives. Treat your body right. Give her to the tools it needs to do her job. You’ll be amazed how she responds.

Or in the words of SB, “Eat your fiber, and crap like a champ.”


1. Colon Health. The Untold Truth: The Crisis No One Wants to Talk About. (Listen to the audio link on this page!)