Today, I am using my blog in a new way. In addition to writing my own posts, I am hoping to be more active in my posts by sharing some of the interesting things I read, watch and listen to online everyday. Sort of like a Facebook share without the Facebook addiction. In short, I am curating fascinating, thought-provoking and enriching content for your enjoyment and my future reference. Here’s the first installment.



I loved this post today because it is a practical way to share the idea with kids that “Jesus is bigger than our mistakes” — a crucial point in understanding and accepting the Gospel. Raising perfect kids is not an option, nor is it the standard we are aiming for.

Child Drops Ice Cream Cone by Feet
istockphoto/ ©christingasner

“Because of our Sticky Faith research, our family is hoping that talking (and laughing) about our mistakes will make our home a safe place to confess our sins and celebrate the grace that erases them all.”
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