goodwill for blog

The last time I cleaned out my closet, I was determined to find a new charity to donate to. My friend, who introduced me to yard sale-ing and flea markets was looking for a wedding dress for a photo shoot. We went to look in Goodwill and I saw their ridiculous re-sell prices. And everything they sell, they received free. I thought this was a place that you could buy what you needed when you couldn’t afford Target!

What was going on?

I know this was an image that they have cultivated for decades. And after shopping at some fabulous clothing thrift stores, finding furniture and decor bargains at flea market events like Antique Alley and donating to Operation Blessing after my closet-cleanout, I know there are better ways to do business when acquiring or donating used items.

After seeing this piece that aired on NBC, I’m convinced that Goodwill is up to No Good.

Let’s find another charity to donate to when we clean out our closets.

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