Yesterday I blogged about my hopes for my children’s education. Here is some more reading and watching to keep you thinking.

Home sweet homeschooled
– “Those kids are nothing but problems,” he said. “They’re not socialized. We had one boy who wanted to go out for football because that’s something you really can’t do at home, and when he got to the locker room, the other kids found out he didn’t even know how to snap a towel or give a wedgie. That’s the problem with homeschooling.”

No Thank You, We Don’t Believe in Socialization!
– As homeschoolers, we are often accosted by people who assume that since we’re homeschooling, our kids won’t be “socialized.” The word has become such a catch phrase that it has entirely lost any meaning.

(I’ve only seen this trailer (and not the full-length film) but right off the bat, I know I’m opposed to it, because their answer seems to be to replace one system with another. More herd mentality. No thanks.)

“As soon as you get out of college, you’re indentured for LIFE!”

(full-length one-hour documentary)