Fixing my EPIC mistake

Once upon a time, in 2010, my husband and I dreamt up an organization to encourage biblical literacy, called Quarterlife Ministries (which we’re not longer actively pursuing, btw). We bought the domain name “doesitjivewiththebible.com and put up a website. Several years later, we completed a digital story….the working title was “The making of an Adventist” but […]

More on education

Yesterday I blogged about my hopes for my children’s education. Here is some more reading and watching to keep you thinking. Home sweet homeschooled – “Those kids are nothing but problems,” he said. “They’re not socialized. We had one boy who wanted to go out for football because that’s something you really can’t do at […]

Normal is what I don’t want

Watch this video before you read my post. I don’t want my kids to be normal. I believe that all children are unique and special and should be given the space/environment and time they need to be and become themselves. And that’s why I don’t want to send my kids to school. I strive not […]