• I’m done with conferences, conversations, feeds, books, magazines and podcasts where I feel like I’m eavesdropping. If you’re not talking to me, I’m out.
  • Where are the Christian spaces where there is an awareness, lament, acknowledgment of the world burning around us, coupled with confession for our complicity in it?
  • People who do videos while driving make me so nervous. I’m so distracted by this dangerous multi-tasking that I can’t focus on what they’re saying. I’m watching the traffic, ’cause clearly, THEY ARE NOT.
  • Is it wise to rescue people from a flooding house and put them in a house with lead in the pipes and asbestos in the air?
  • I wish I could be a professional brainstormer. Professional, as in… it’s enough to pay bills. It’s really my favorite thing to do in life.


This butterfly garden was a hit. We loved watching the caterpillars grow, cocoon and develop into butterflies. Letting them free was also wonderful. Be free, butterfly!

My bookclub, BE Bookclub, read If Beale Street Could Talk for our June discussion. It is breathtaking. It’s also hard to find a stopping place because there are no breaks (chapters, squiggly lines, headings). James Baldwin is every bit of a genius and prophet as people say he is. Get this book! The movie is a different experience altogether.