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One day, she couldn’t stand the guilt any longer. She didn’t want her grandmother to just find out, so she told her how she had to remove the ring when she was in her lesson and when she was performing.

Photo by Laura Fuhrman on Unsplash

It was then that Grammy B began to get a clue of the burden that this ring had been to her granddaughter all of these years. “Sabina, honey. I am not upset with you. I know you love me. You should not feel bad about taking the ring off at all. I completely understand.”

“Yes, Grammy B, but I want you to know that I still love you and I feel so bad. I know you told me to never take it off.”

“Sabina, I never intended it to burden you like this. Look at you, you’re an emotional wreck. All because of the ring?”

All through dinner, Grammy B tried to reassure Sabina that the ring was never intended to shackle her like that.

“Give yourself the freedom to wear other jewelry too, Sabina, seriously!”

“Grammy, I do wear other jewelry and even other rings. I have 10 other fingers, you know. It’s not like you were asking for too much when you told me to never take it off.”

Grammy B just shook her head and looked lovingly into Sabina’s eyes. She couldn’t help but feel sadness, even though Sabina was trying to reassure her.

“I’ll never ever take this ring off, Grammy!”

Grammy B sighed, almost regretting that she’d even given her the ring in the first place.

Sabina’s confession seemed to renew her commitment to never take the ring off again. She found ways to tape down the charm so it wouldn’t be restricting and clanking and her professor gave up the fight.

One day, Grammy B died. Sabina was crushed. She spent the whole evening staring at the ring and twirling the charm with her finger. She’d never felt emptiness like this before. Three days later, she was still in a fog but was so glad to find out that Grammy B had left a special letter for her.

Stay tuned to find out what the letter says, in Part 3.