I have a bumper sticker from our favorite spice shop posted on my refrigerator. It says ‘Love People. Cook them tasty food.”

I love it because it reminds me that I don’t have to love to cook in order to cook. Even though I do like cooking, the fun kinda fizzles out when you have to feed kids 5x/day. You cook because you love them.

There’s another thing that takes the fun out of cooking and that’s picky, demanding eaters. From my perspective, “I’m hungry!” should never be followed up with specific requests and demands. “Hungry” should be delighted with whatever is set before him/her.

So, I’ve decided to coin a new phrase.  One that I’m considering firing up the Silhouette to create a new sign for the kitchen.

hungry ain't picky

Hungry ain’t picky.

I hope my kids will pass on to their kids and to my great grandkids. “My mama used to say….”

I encourage you to use it too. When you offer a PB&J sandwich and they say, “I don’t want that!”  Or when you put dinner in front of them and 30 minutes later it sits untouched, yet they’re still singing the I’m-hungry song standing with the refrigerator open. Say it: “Hungry ain’t picky!”

People who are truly hungry, who are not just eating out of boredom, aren’t picky.

Is it possible to instill an attitude of gratitude and satisfaction in a culture that values customization and endless options? Is it possible to be satisfied with what’s in front of you even if it’s not “your way, right away?”