Delina’s deliniation has officially begun, and I’m starting fresh.

At first I fully intended to import my Blogger blog to this new site, but had too many issues with importing comments and media that I have decided to just start fresh! I have re-posted a few blogs that I wrote on the Quarterlife Girl site, and, as appropriate, I may share some more. Feel free to go check out what I’ve been blogging about since 2006. But mostly, enjoy the fresh!

This writing exercise renews here on Deliniation, with more focused, disciplined and intentional writing. It’s a new beginning.

What is DELINIATION?  It’s my own made up word, a combination of my names, Delina Delaine, and the concept of delineation – to sketch, to describe, portray, or set forth with accuracy or in detail (from Websters’s). That’s what I aim to do on this blog, write, write, write and in the process describe important concepts and sketch out ideas in detail, that you will begin to SEE where I’m coming from.

What’s important to me? Being a Christ-follower and seeing reality through a biblical worldview. That’s the perspective that I’m coming from regardless of what I’m writing about– family, religion, media, politics and culture. I try to be honest, straight-forward, transparent and challenging. This is my place to be Delina, delineate and converse. Will you join me?