Images of judgement

A couple of weeks ago I had the awesome privilege of sharing part of my testimony of leaving Adventism with a group of ladies at church. Because I love media literacy so much, I wanted to show them how, through images and story, Adventist doctrines are taught to children. And how these beliefs shape how Adventists think, […]

“I will give you rest.” – Jesus

From the Vault When I was studying the life of Moses, I was struck how God would give Israel a real, tangible *thing* and then in the New Testament, hundreds of years later, Jesus was that *thing* in a spiritual sense. Here are some examples: Old Testament shadow Jesus reality The Passover lamb-  Exodus 12:43-50 (*verse […]

Jesus is our example?

(From the Vault) After you say to an Adventist, “Jesus was a Jew, that’s why He kept the Sabbath,” nine times out of ten they’ll reply, “Jesus is our example.” They say that to prove that we’re supposed to keep the law…but not the whole law, just the 10 commandments, emphasis on the 4th (“as […]

Daddy’s Coming

(From the Vault.) Ben always calls from wherever he is to say he’s on his way home. One day, when our son was a baby, I said to him, “Daddy’s coming! Daddy’s coming!” And it struck me, that that is how I feel about Jesus’ soon return. Expectant. Excited. Relieved. At ease. Safe. But it […]

I’m a Christ-follower who attends a Baptist church

From the VAULT  It’s been almost 2 months since we attended our the New Member class at our new church. It’s a Baptist church. To become members, we didn’t have to raise our right hand and take a vow. We didn’t have to sign anything saying that we’re now Baptists. And we don’t even have […]