The abortion survivor I will never forget

Three things come to mind when I watch this video: 1. The absolute Sovereinghty of God. 2. The absolute depravity of humans. 3. The impact of a redeemed life working hand-in-hand with the Sovereign God. Part I Part II What are your thoughts?

Just watched: TAPPED

I love documentaries. LOVE. I just watched TAPPED about bottled water and the bottled water industry. I learned a lot and I’m desperate to buy my Berkey Water Filter even more now! Check out the trailer.

More on education

Yesterday I blogged about my hopes for my children’s education. Here is some more reading and watching to keep you thinking. Home sweet homeschooled – “Those kids are nothing but problems,” he said. “They’re not socialized. We had one boy who wanted to go out for football because that’s something you really can’t do at […]

Normal is what I don’t want

Watch this video before you read my post. I don’t want my kids to be normal. I believe that all children are unique and special and should be given the space/environment and time they need to be and become themselves. And that’s why I don’t want to send my kids to school. I strive not […]

So, what do you want?

Last week I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and I was struck by all of the excuses that those interviewed had for not changing their diets –too many processed foods, not enough (or any!) fruits and vegetables. The excuses ranged from: “I can’t. I don’t have any will power. I’m weak.” to “I’m here […]


Images of judgement

A couple of weeks ago I had the awesome privilege of sharing part of my testimony of leaving Adventism with a group of ladies at church. Because I love media literacy so much, I wanted to show them how, through images and story, Adventist doctrines are taught to children. And how these beliefs shape how Adventists think, […]

Starting fresh!

Delina’s deliniation has officially begun, and I’m starting fresh. At first I fully intended to import my Blogger blog to this new site, but had too many issues with importing comments and media that I have decided to just start fresh! I have re-posted a few blogs that I wrote on the Quarterlife Girl site, […]