The dream of a place to gather

For a long time, I’ve dreamed of gathering place.  A place where people put down their phones and choose to talk instead of text, laugh together instead of LOL. A place where you don’t have to wonder if people LIKE what you just said, because you can see it in their eyes.   For a long […]


Good will?

The last time I cleaned out my closet, I was determined to find a new charity to donate to. My friend, who introduced me to yard sale-ing and flea markets was looking for a wedding dress for a photo shoot. We went to look in Goodwill and I saw their ridiculous re-sell prices. And everything […]


What mistake did you make today?

Today, I am using my blog in a new way. In addition to writing my own posts, I am hoping to be more active in my posts by sharing some of the interesting things I read, watch and listen to online everyday. Sort of like a Facebook share without the Facebook addiction. In short, I […]


A letter to my 25-year-old self

Dear Delina, Sit down for a minute and read this. It’s a letter from the future you. Don’t skim it and scan it and roll your eyes. Read it, okay? Your birthday is in 10 days and you will be 25. You probably think that the perfect birthday celebration would be to have a party […]


Wedding planning advice

I wrote this for the fellow knotties after my wedding in 2004. Hope you can take something from it too…. My 2 cents—take it or leave it, but I hope it helps somebody who is still in the trenches. 1. Do what you want. It’s your wedding and if you want to walk in to the theme song to […]

Do I act like a toddler to God?

I was hanging up clothes in the twins’ room today and 3-year-old Maxton came in the room and announced, “Mommy! I put my clothes on ALL. BY. MYSELF.” He was very proud of his accomplishment. And though I congratulated him, I couldn’t help but chuckle that his shirt was on backwards and his pants were […]

What happens when you focus

This past Sunday, our family visited Homestead Heritage for their annual Christmas program. My sister warned me that it was amazing, but I wasn’t prepared to be wowed like I was. And honestly, I could have been wowed more had we not taken the kids. In their defense, they had had a full day, church, […]