We need to poop more

In my 6 years of blogging before I started fresh on deliniation, the post with the most traffic and the most comments was this one (from September 3, 2006). So, here it is again. Enjoy! ********* I was sitting in the living room watching a Dr. Oz segment on Oprah. As they went into commercial break, I […]

I’m not stuck

By the looks of my blog, it looks like I got stuck complaining about Black Friday. Yes, I missed my self-imposed blogging deadline last week, but not because I’ve been slacking. I’ve been diligently working trying to put the finishing touches on an inductive study that we’re about to release through Quarterlife Ministries. Which also […]


‘Twas the night before Thanksgiving

I went to the Dollar Tree last week and snapped a picture of this sign. But no need to pick on Dollar Tree, there’s a similar sign at Wal-Mart, Walgreens and your local grocery store. I’ll be honest that it makes me sad. One reason is that my husband has a retail job. So tonight, […]


Confession: I am not a farmer

I have dreams. Lots of dreams. One of them is to live on a homestead, be self-sufficient, keep the TV in a closet and only bring it out when I want to watch something good, live in community, homeschool my children, trade services and not run to Target for any and everything. I want to […]

Stuff that annoys me in social media

I feel like venting. Maybe I just need to fast from social media. This is stuff that I’ve observed people doing that really irks me. People that take a break, but schedule posts and tweets while they’re gone. How come you get a break, but I don’t? I need a break from you, just like […]


The illusion of not being broke

I’ve never FELT so broke as I do now because we no longer rely on credit cards, even for emergencies. Rest assured, I’m quite sure that we’ve been this broke before (just maybe not with as many kids!). It just never felt like it, because credit cards were our after-the-cash-runs-out back-up plan. God is our […]


The lure of the wonder woman

When I was a child, I used to love Wonder Woman, the TV show. I don’t remember not one episode or anything she said (via Spanish subtitles), but I do remember how she would spin around and magically change into a superhero that would save the day. I would spin around thinking that I would […]