I feel like venting. Maybe I just need to fast from social media. This is stuff that I’ve observed people doing that really irks me.

People that take a break, but schedule posts and tweets while they’re gone. How come you get a break, but I don’t? I need a break from you, just like you need a break from social media.

People who follow 3 people on Twitter, but have 1,003 followers. It tells me that you want people to listen to you, but you are not willing to listen.

People who don’t respond to your blog posts, Facebook responses or tweets. It’s a glaring clue that you are automated and not really willing to invest in your readers. You must invest in conversation and interaction. You can’t just spend one day a month writing a bunch of blog posts and scheduling tweets and Facebook updates and then walk away. Please monitor, please respond.

People that share links with no explanation of what the link is. Please, if you want me to click, at least tell me what it is or why I should click, or both.

Social media is an investment, both if you’re there for business or to establish personal relationships. People who just see it as a means to an end, irk me.

How ’bout you? What do you dislike most about the social media world we live in?