This is my baby girl, Maxine.

She is a master girlyfyer.

Girlyfy: To make girly.

Here’s a recent picture at her birthday party.

Notice the Thomas book in her pink stroller.

This is her purse.

Check out what’s inside.

That’s my girl, Maxine.

She can rumble and tumble with the boys (her brother and cousins)

but is as sweet as a baby girl could be.

Love her quirkiness. Love her.

What quirky things do you appreciate in your kids?

  • My 4-year old is CONSTANTLY entertaining me! I mean I just can’t take it sometimes, she’s a hilarious ball of energy! She also has this adorable memory and mommy mocking ability! I can read her a book 2 or 3 times and she has all the words memorized and can read it in the exact tone and inflection as mommy did – with her own twist of course!!! LOVE IT and LOVE HER!!! Thanks for sharing and reminding me what makes my little blessing such a BIG blessing!

    • Anonymous

      Kids are so creative and fun and free. When do we lose that?

  • Nikki

    My Abigail (2 years) is similar, only don’t dare try to make her hair pretty– she will destroy it almost immediately. The funny thing is that she is quite certain that she made it look better too. She is so particular about what she wears. Sometimes I just give in and let her choose her own clothes. Her prize possessions are her shoes and the louder and sparklier they are the better! Her outfits rarely match and combined with her personal touch in hair design I have had to surrender the joy of dressing up my girl… for now. Instead, I can watch her personality shine as she does this all her self and feels proud and beautiful at the end of it. She makes me giggle and look forward to how this will all play out in life. She loves to play with the boys too but above all, she is what I like to call a “funky princess”. I look forward to watching my LORD tame this child for His will and then see what amazing things He does with her.

    My son (5 in Nov.) is a philosopher and a master of debate. It drives me crazy when I am being challenged, but I love that he is a thinker before he is a doer. It brings me peace of mind for later in his life. I do hope though that he learns to be a doer before thinking when it comes to following the call of Jesus in his life. As of right now he is full of trust and faith in God. I love hearing him recite Bible stories he has memorized from his bedtime CDs. He is certain he is a superhero. He is…SUPER JOSH, and he has all of the super hero powers combined. I love that his favorite super hero is Jesus and that he knows that this is the only real super hero there is.

    Thanks for the chance to think about the things I love about them between refereeing fights and convincing them to pick up toys. =)

    • Anonymous

      Oh, I love that, Nikki! Can’t wait to one day meet the Funky Princess and Super Josh.

      By the way, what bedtime CDs do you use?

      • Nikki

        Here is a link to the CD’s. They are Sheila Walsh’s bedtime CD’s. There are some for little princesses too.

        I hope the link works!

        • Nikki

          That one doesn’t seem to want to work. Try this:

          If that doesn’t work just do a search for Goodnight Warrior by Sheila Walsh. I imagine you would be more interested in Sweet Dreams Princess though. 😉